About us

We are the private veterinary practitioner, living in Szczecin, Poland. Our adventure began twenty-two years ago, when we bought the beautiful girl named "Dora". Dora hasn't had a pedigree, and did not meet the criteria of Doberman breed "standard", but her beauty, intelligence and temperament charmed us so much. Her only son "Baks", was born in 1995 and stayed with us. We have made that decision because we know that Baks is part of our family. He was very similar to his mother, a "Perfect Likeness". Baks was our faithful companion and best friend with dedication, patience, courage and love. We will never forget him. These dogs are made that we can not live without our Dobermans. Dora was gone in 2000. She has died after losing a battle with mammary cancer. Baks, 11-year old boy left us too. We know that "Something Ends, Something Begins". Baks gone us too early, but our girl "Alabama" was born in the same year. Destiny? We don't know, but it could mean the birth of something new. The birth of our Doberman kennel.

Our family has grown in 2008 when young and very promising boy, "Ali Amaro" has finally joined us to live with Alabama, and that is the main thing! Ali Amaro, aka "Maro". And that is how "kennel name" was created. This is combination of the names of our dogs: Alamaro FCI (ALAbama+MARO). Meanwhile, We have a new girl in home.....

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Anna and Radosław Siecińscy